SFDebris Totally Captures How I Feel At Times

There are elements of this today after a really bad morning (see my twitter feed; probably posting it later for archival purposes). But SFDebris’ review of Voyager’s “Author, Author” makes me think about it briefly.

Starting around 7:27, when Harry is upset that he won’t be able to speak to his parents for 2 months, as opposed to never being able to speak to them again considering how far away Voyager is and how tenuous the new communications to home are. But I’ll quote it and SFDebris’ sarcastic interpretation of what Seven-of-nine’s response should have been:

Harry, to Seven: Maybe if you had family you were close to, you’d feel a little differently. *walks off*

SFDebris as Seven: Yeah, it’s really too bad. I’m sorry the utter annihilation and assimilation of everything I ever knew and loved has inconvenienced you. If you need me, I’ll just be over here, trying to recover a happy memory the Borg didn’t purge for being irrelevant. See you in two months, ensign.

You know who would have said that? Ivanova, that’s who.

One thought on “SFDebris Totally Captures How I Feel At Times

  1. Oh, that totally made me laugh. I wasn’t the biggest fan of ST:V (I got bored somewhere in the second season, I think). I’d heard of B5, but never watched it until my Spousal Unit promised to shut the hell up about it if I’d just watch it. So I did. It took me about two seconds to fall completely in love in Ivanova. Ivanova is God. :-)

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