Kind of Full Circle

So basically I’ve been the following the past couple weeks:

  • sick with colds
  • oncall
  • throwing myself into work to prove to others and myself that I’ve still got it
  • feeling increasing unease due to, apparently, not blogging
  • becoming a fan of the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon

Things of note:

First, by becoming uneasy—an understatement; I get a little crazy—when not writing something often, I would seem to put to lie one of the pieces of advice I got from another writer once: people who say they need to write are over-reacting drama queens, and that no one really needs to write.

I guess I’m just a show-off blogger, not a real writer. I think I’m starting to understand this “No true Scotsman” riff that gets thrown out in various circles once in a while.


Secondly, my sickness meant I had to retreat to the bedroom. I was afraid that this move would mean the living room would become off-limits to my psyche again. This, I found on Sunday, turned out not to be the case. Which is hella awesome.

Thirdly, I worried that the new My Little Pony show would trigger me, considering that my mother bought me MLP’s in exchange/reward for being quiet about my father’s abuse. So far it hasn’t happened. Yet. But that’s just an indicator of how different the new cartoon is compared to the older ones, in terms of art and storytelling style—the new cartoon is very self-aware, which I love.

So that’s what’s been happening.