Notes for Bipolar Future Reference

  • It’s not just the PTSD, it’s also the bipolar.
  • There’s something bipolar happening when I start tweeting things like “I hate myself for not being strong enough, good enough, smart enough, or resourceful enough to heal the things in my head.”
  • Ditto if I start crying when I normally would just sigh or be annoyed.
  • Also if I find myself scabbling at work and screaming at myself for not being able to get over the wall and think.
  • As well as when I start going on about faltering and always attacking problems or they win, because that means the PTSD has started panicking about the paralysis brought on by the depressive cycle.

When luck screws me and I can’t think, I need to take a breather. Maybe I’ll watch some MLP:FiM. Or at least eat baked eggs on a bed of lettuce or sommat.

2 thoughts on “Notes for Bipolar Future Reference

  1. Taking all these things apart, seeing where they are connected, sitting them down like tractable little concepts to have a serious talk with em. I guess that’s why they call it analysis.

    Just sayin, I think about you when you’re not posting. Making all these notes out in public like this. I write down a lot of stuff just to make note of it, save the notes forever, and the power of writing, that makes the process an object of later analysis, has been berry berry good to me.

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