Spiral Knights: Withdrawal Stage 1

This is how addicted I am, folks.


My ring tone is “Mission Complete!”

The alarm I use for the night medication is “Fanfare Victory”.

My tea alarm I haven’t yet decided on.

And the soundtrack is great for doing just about anything: walking, driving through traffic, cleaning house, cooking… It also has a nice side-effect for me: if I listen to the quieter tracks at night, I dream about playing Spiral Knights instead of having disturbing dreams or outright nightmares.

If I start making GF/DF Spiral-Knights themed cookies you’ll know I’ve gone off the deep end. I’m thinking those gate icons would make for nice decorated sugar cookies.

4 thoughts on “Spiral Knights: Withdrawal Stage 1

  1. This game looks like a TON of fun–I used to play Puzzle Pirates back in the day but had to quite due to crappy computer. I think I’ll pick this one up when it’s released–it looks like gameplay is fairly casual?

    • Natalie,

      As a long-time Pirates player, I can say that Spiral Knights is MUCH more casual. You can play for 10 or 20 minutes easily, solo or join a group, leave and continue about your day. Doing the same on Pirates is nigh impossible. (And with today’s current ocean numbers, even getting the boat out to pillage takes at least 20 minutes, then you have to find a brigand..kill it… get back to port.. but you really should kill at least 5 to make it worthwhile.. oh well, 3+ hours down..)

      SK is casual but lends itself well to playing for long stretches of time. We spent a lot of time in the Preview doing runs to the depth that our equipment could handle. Lots of fun!


      • Good to know! I’ll have to grab a copy when it’s released. It really looks like a lot of fun. I just don’t have the bandwidth for games with a large time commitment right now, so I’m always on the lookout for well done casual games. :)

    • It’s wonderful fun and can be as casual or hardcore as one wants.

      And what Cori said. :)

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