Spiral Knights: Yes, That’s a Khorovod Charged Attack

There’s some speculation that this is the 5-star Khorovod (not yet released).

As the Khorovod sword family is one of my favorites (currently in competition with a full set of the elemental Brandish lines), I want to step in and say: yes, this is a Khorovod-style strike. The arc as the charged attack hits is the same, the rocks that pop up behind and around the player are the same. The lightning that descends from the sky, though, that’s rather new.

I’m contemplating rejoining Spiral Knights. I’ve been away for a while, so the levels should be novel to me again (even the repetitive clockworks levels, the variety of which should have been helped out by the current “there shalt not be two strata that are the same next to each other” enforced edict from the devs). Plus, now that I’m alone in all my guild who’ll play the game anymore, having a T1 boss I can beat up for tokens to get a sharp-sharp stick, bomb, and shield sounds enticing.

The problem is, I’d be all alone.

And I can’t craft higher-level items for other people anymore, something I had actually started to enjoy doing. While an unbind shop is coming, it sounds a bit prohibitively expensive, even if you’re fairly self-sustaining on crowns-to-energy. We’ll see.