Spiral Knights: The Fun of Dynamic Roles

Tonight was a night of landmarks for the Spiral Knights Crusaders! We didn’t reach Emberlight again, but we did start getting better 3-star gear for our new roles and/or 4-star gear to satisfy the Emberlight passage requirements.

But first of all, I would like to say: Khorovod.

It’s even bigger than Kamarin. It’s got a bit more reach, too. And it starts off with (to me) an insanely high damage.

My friends are starting to fall into their main roles more easily, in terms of range and melee; and I as well with the bombs. However, due to the whole weapons-as-what-level and lack of class-boxing, we were able to use side roles as the situation required. There were times when both of my friends having range was necessary, as in an area with cross-firing gun puppies. And there were times when me acting as temporary tank was needed to protect our main gunner from retrodes.

I really am a squishy wizard now. I’ve got my spell-equivalents to take along to certain dungeons, sacrificing range to the point where I mostly play healer, especially when my friends are doing ranged work. Hiding out behind a wall and then running in, weaving to avoid bullets, to health-revive—it feels a bit cowardly, and perhaps it is, but at the same time it’s perfectly logical. And I do my fair share of tanking, for a supporting bombing role. Bombing also often leaves me with plenty of health, so it totally makes sense for me to share it.

Before, I wanted a healing “spell”, bomb or whatnot; and now I’d likely never pick one up, since healing is already present in the game.

It’s so nice to be a squishy wizard with a sword bigger than myself.

Another milestone for me: I’m an ISFJ, and tend to be rather shy of people, and today is the first day I’ve friended someone I know only from the Spiral Knights forums. We had a great time together, and I learned things, like examples of guerrilla warfare needed in the lower levels of Tier 2. Hopefully I’ll die less often when soloing.

3 thoughts on “Spiral Knights: The Fun of Dynamic Roles

  1. Oh, for a moment I thought that friend was me. T-T
    Well, was I?

    Anyway, I loved to meet you outside the forums, being the first one or not. ^^

  2. Yay!!!! o/

    [writing more because this blog said it was too short to post… ¬¬’]

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