Spiral Knights: Embracing the Squishy Wizard in Me

I consider last night to be the first when I fully accepted that I’m a squishy wizard player in group play with my friends. I spent serious money on a Graviton Bomb: 15,000 for the recipe after digging down to a Basil below Moorcroft; 5,000 crowns and 100 energy to craft, alongside materials that listed a mug of misery and something else that cost 15 grim tokens at Brinks’.

The Graviton Bomb is definitely slower to charge than my other bombs, and it slows my walking speed considerably (probably because it weighs so much with sheer raw shadow energy), but it’s worth it. At level 3, after sucking in enemies, on release it can deal up to 100 points of damage to slimes.

We attempted to storm the Royal Jelly Palace, and the Graviton Bomb helped us survive the maelstrom of gelatinous cubes for two levels, until the audience with the Jelly King, which finished us. We lacked the number of curse and poison vials necessary. Oh well. Antigua for our gunner can wait.

I love Khorovod, but I love bombs too. I pack a Crystal Bomb, one or more Fiery/Toxic/Freezing Vaporizer, and the Graviton Bomb for beast or slime levels. However, if you focus on bombing, it’s important to play a support role. Much as I hate to admit it, bombs are difficult to work with alone. I have indeed taken out Wolver, Ash-Tail, and Voltail dens with Fiery/Freezing Vaporizers and a Crystal Bomb, but there’s always a time when I just have to whack a mini-boss with Khorovod (after freezing them, of course).

Swords are faster at dealing damage than bombs; bombs beat most swords when it comes to crowd control; guns beat both when it comes to taking out high-melee-damage critters. What’s best is situational, but both guns and swords are more efficient than bombs in more situations. However, bombs can be very helpful in tandem with the two.

Also, a decent bomber can stay away from most melee damage longer than the other members of the team, so I often play group healer as well. This makes me happy, as I love to help others.

But the next time I solo, I’m taking two bombs, Khorovod, and one of the Alchemers for practice. Stupid Gun Puppies. I’m getting better at taking them out in melee but ranged seems rather more ideal. Of course, this may never work out if I can’t aim properly.

One thought on “Spiral Knights: Embracing the Squishy Wizard in Me

  1. This is going to sound so stupid because it took me forever to figure this out. I found that if I used my aiming stick and fiddled about until suddenly! the You Have Targeted beam of light appeared on the GunPuppy, then all I had to do was stay put, shield and fire. If I strafe around, I am soooo screwed because, as we all know, I cannot hit the broad side of a barn with a vial. However! If you time it right, you can snap off all three shots on a Super Blaster, do the reload animation and shield jeeeust in time before the puppybullet hits you in the face.

    It’s awful but I really never noticed the little You Have Targeted beam on the GunPuppies until last night….

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