Spiral Knights: I Need to Go Back to Touristing

There’s just so much here, and it feels like every so often the devs slip in something new. Plus when you stand and stare at the scenery, you start to see… strange things. And intended things 99% of the time, mind you.

For instance, if you’re in the Aurora Isles or Jigsaw Valley, take a look at the sky. It’s actually two halves of a sphere, which can have bits and pieces of construction still going on them.

Even just looking at the trees reveals a bizarre nature of the world. The leaves are actually rotating in a spiral there, and would make a great screensaver.

Extra points if you can guess where these spectral tracks are. And why are there X’s behind me? Are these platforms of some sort?

I really need to go back to Have Screenshot, Will Delve.

The Spiral Knights Crusaders haven’t really gotten anywhere of late, although I am trying to train myself to use a gun. I may need to simply use this in solo mode rather than group mode; my friends appreciate the Graviton Bomb rather much, and I’d prefer to pack some more bomb support in my weapon slots.

In the meantime, I’ve been running across a streak of bad luck with Basil, the traveling Stranger through whom is the only way to get the non-standard recipes from the game, rather than from other players. Or maybe karma caught up with me after getting Khorovod and the Graviton Bomb. So, until I see a 4* recipe from Tier 2 Basil, I’m going to chronicle the woeful tidings he’s brought me (and in some cases, me and my friends).

Yes, I’m going to try to guilt Basil.

I’ve noticed that, since Basil’s collection can be very eclectic with a really good dose of random that can lead to drought situations where you rarely run across good recipes (or even a good number of recipes), people have been… well, pimping Basil. I don’t know of a better way to put it; they’ll basically sell you the ability to join another character or friend of theirs on a level with a good Basil selection, in exchange for a few thousand to several thousand crowns. Creative, certainly, but it doesn’t sit well with me.

On the upside, the Three Rings folks have included some rather good features in the patch tonight (or rather, the previous night, as I tend to blog about SK rather late…). I’m pleased, as they seem to listen to the user base suggestions; and the game masters have been quick to act on bug reports. I just… well, BASIL. Basil, why do you hate me?

2 thoughts on “Spiral Knights: I Need to Go Back to Touristing

  1. I’ve been going through my crafting recipes solely via Basil, though I’m new to the game so anything new is like……Ooooo new recipe!

    • Those days were fine, fine days. Back when we was little knights, no recipe seemed bad. Of course, we learned differently from then, but hopefully more arsenal expansions will come so that the joy of discovery can repeat itself.

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