Spiral Knights: Boom

“Jamie want big boom.”
– Mythbuster Jamie Hyneman, commenting on replicating results

This isn’t the Master Blast Bomb, this is just the Super Blast Bomb.

And this is just one of the reasons why I consider bombs the equivalent of spells. We’ve already got wizarding capabilities—it’s just encapsulated in gear rather than character class paths.

The knockback of a Blast Bomb is tremendous, and if you’re soloing, this is a blessing as it disrupts quite a few enemies. The radius of the Super version (3*) is fairly decent, and the coverage of the Master version (4*) should be very nearly awesome. Nitronome (5*) would have to be the awesomest.

And, like all bombs, it has a delay that makes it convenient for setting and running awaaaay (or around, as for a Trojan).

On the downside, these aren’t great for parties as it tends to disrupt the fighting of your teammates and toss enemies at them. It doesn’t have the temporary suction that the Graviton Bomb does, which at least allows your teammates time to whack all the monsters in the vortex at once.