Spiral Knights: The Stupidity of Gun Puppies

As mentioned yesterday, some friends and I decided to go back down to 2* equipment for a Tier 1 to Tier 2 Basil run, in large part to find out if Basil based his recipe display on whether or not you’re using over-classed weapons for the current Tier. So no Khorovod, no Ash-tail Coat, no Wise Owlite Shield, etc. Not even Kamarin or any other 3* equipment; just pure 2* items.

And also we played with an oil jar and a fire jar.

And Basil turned up 4* recipes for us again, in spite of the vast amount of our crowns.


We’ll repeat this experiment a few more times before reaching any conclusions, but I think, if this is indeed the case, that it’s actually a good thing. If you’re whacking through upper Tier 2 with a Faust, maybe you don’t need help with 4* recipes as often.

In any case, it was interesting to play around with weapons we either hadn’t used in some time, or had never used before. In my case, I played with the Brandish line, which now EXPLODES on charge (as well as climbing all the way up to 5*).

Whereas the upgraded Brandishes looked like katana-type weapons before, they now look much more like they’ve inherited from the parent sword. Not a bad thing at all.

I’ve no idea what the new Flourish line of swords look like. Pointiness is probably a large factor.

At Tier 2 Basil, we changed back into our best gear, made it to the Jelly King, and then all died a horrible, gooey death, since we weren’t coordinated enough to keep him poisoned, and our weapons weren’t leveled as much as they could be. However, we discovered that:

  • Gun puppy bullets don’t explode exploding blocks, hence they’re safe to hide behind.
  • On the second level of the Jelly King palace, in the room involving the small jellies spawning constantly in the center that spawn annoying small jellies, someone playing small jelly control (like repeatedly setting down a Graviton Bomb) will make everyone else’s job much easier.
  • On same level, in the final room, kill all the gun puppies first.
  • Gun puppies will always attack the nearest target, even if it’s behind a wall or blocks. A gunner can then, from a farther distance, take out the puppy without danger.

Poor dumb, dumb gun puppies. And that’s why they spawn in groups.

Well, other than Spiral Knights and an LCG ((Living Card Game, in particular Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.)), it’s been a rotten day for me. Really, really rotten. There’s hope for tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Spiral Knights: The Stupidity of Gun Puppies

  1. So many groups I end up with die miserably to those sections of dungeon where it’s one long narrow hall with Gunpuppies on either side… I wish more people tried tactics instead of just running into the middle of things and dying en masse (or pointlessly smashing all blocks in a room leaving no place to dodge behind).

    • I’m not sure why, but tactics is sometimes looked down upon by a lot of folk. Maybe because in other MMORPGs, you can indeed go berserk and actually do well, but in Spiral Knights that will just get you killed in the deeper levels. Such a fluffy-looking game, but it requires quite a bit of strategy to survive, which befits a game produced by the same folks who created Puzzle Pirates.

  2. Charging in works just fine 4 me lol… even in Fire storm citadel…, and also…. You talked about brandishes being katana-like,and no explosion on charge… damn dude… how long have u been playing???????????????

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