Spiral Knights: Preparing for the Jelly King

The Royal Jelly Palace is most excellent for crowns and heat, even if we can’t yet defeat the Jelly King on the third level.

Fortunately, Spiral Knights’ first arsenal expansion adds another item to the Jelly King toolkit: Silent Nightblade, a 4* version of Nightblade, which does both normal and shadow damage. And of course Acheron, the 5* version, but I’m assuming I’m not gonna see that for some time.

Currently I just have the Nightblade, which looks quite different from its siblings, Iceburst Brandish and Fireburst Brandish:

Well, at least there’s one katana-style weapon in the game. The charge attack, which I’ve not been fortunate enough to capture adequately via screenshot, yields a purple explosion.

Iceburst Brandish is quite nice now that it deals both normal and elemental damage. Mine is at a low level, but a charge attack has a rather good chance of causing freeze, which turns out to be useful for minor crowd control.

Goodness, I think I do rather like the Brandishes, although getting used to normal attack speed is… interesting after having used Troika/Kamarin/Khorovod as my bread and butter sword for so long. I so need to level them all.

In the meantime, Emberlight raises more questions than it does answers….

What is that gremlin doing? What worth does it add to Emberlight?

Are the gremlins… watching TV? Or more likely, watching another team of knights flail through a Deconstruction Zone.

What odd… fungi? I suppose these are as green as lightbulbs will ever get. Of course, being a robot knight, surely these shouldn’t seem weird to me.

I particularly like this intersection in Emberlight because it’s so noir:

Speaking of questions, did you ever notice that the Arcade has an alcove that should be a door, like the other two that lead to the Town Square and the Bazaar?

Its placement also geographically corresponds to a section that was clearly under development during preview, although its now just a neat little wall. Something tells me it’s either a mini-game area or something to do with economics.

4 thoughts on “Spiral Knights: Preparing for the Jelly King

    • There’s another blank spot on the other side of the Arcade that used to house a kind of special PvP arena gate. So I think this one is something else—and I also think PvP will come back, just in the other blank spot.

  1. It could be interesting to have some overworld maps to explore, too There’s a whole layer on top of the Clockworks, after all. =)

    • I’d love to be able to quest in the world above. The sky islands are my favorite levels for the green and the “sky”.

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