Showers Are No Longer Moments of Hell

I’d like to thank everybody who suggested various brands of shower gels, soaps, and shampoos to try out to make showers less of a living hell of flashbacks every day.

It worked. It worked. It worked!

The very first item I tried was Burts Bees’ Citrus & Ginger Root Body Wash. This went over relatively well—it wasn’t the utilitarian smell of a generic Japanese brand of soap I use. It’s gentle and I rather like it.

The second item I tried was something easy to obtain in small, travel form: Bath & Body Works’ Warm Vanilla Sugar. The scent is pretty much what’s on the bottle. It was somehow divine, and stayed around for a bit after the shower.

Feeling a bit giddy, I next tried Moonlight Path, which smells strangely floral. In a good way; it reminds me a little of a Perfume My Little Pony I had and… um, let’s not travel down that route of memory. Anyways, it’s good, but maybe not for me. The smell sticks around for ages at least.

Next up was a collection of Lush products, and oh, oh my. I Love Juicy is almost a little too tropical fruity for me, but it degreases my oily hair very well; I’m not sure I need Rehab, but I’ve been washing my hair with Head & Shoulders, no conditioner, for years now, so conceivably it might be a little damaged and in need of some gentle processing. I like the smell of Rehab better than I Love Juicy.

The Lush shower gels are just as good. Though Flying Fox is made of honey, there’s other stuff mixed in that keeps it from being a gooey mess and a rather normal yet wonderful-smelling shower gel. Happy Hippy is just the right amount of fruity for me, while the Dreamwash is quite soothing (and actually too delicate to put on my shower scrub, but using hands works rather well with the shower smoothie).

Lush slipped in a sample of one of their solid soaps, Karma, and it’s really good; wonderfully aromatic even for a sliver. It currently sits in the downstairs half-bath, acting as both gentle soap (I hurt easily from soap, to the point where even commercial hypoallergenic stuff painfully dries out my skin) and as air freshener. It’s so lovely, I want to get a whole soap of this—and cut it off into slivers to keep it from descending into soap slime.

I want to shower twice a day now, as the scents are so invigorating and intriguing somehow. I want to try Lush’s body lotion (for my joints, which dry out), and their non-oily facial cleaner, and even their deodorant (for some reason natural deodorants seem to often hurt me where mass-produced deodorants don’t).

Love, love, love. Never leave me, shower.

4 thoughts on “Showers Are No Longer Moments of Hell

  1. Yay! That is a brilliant idea – and makes a lot of sense, where smell can be so tied into memory. I’m really glad that it’s working for you – and it’s something where you get to have *fun* finding something that works for you.

  2. It’s so lovely, I want to get a whole soap of this—and cut it off into slivers to keep it from descending into soap slime.

    I do this. I get my favorites from (I find Lush a little bit overwhelming although I do like Karma) and split them into 8-10 mini bars which works great (and also means I always have travel soap ready!).

    One thing I do love from Lush is their sea-salt shampoo. It sounds counter-productive for my brittle hair but it really does make it feel shiny.

  3. Second the sea-salt-and-lime shampoo. It is the only thing that actually lends my fine, straight, oily hair body. Pity about the price. 0.0

    I also like the Lush NEW shampoo. Spicy! And it gets the grease out.

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