Spiral Knights: The Squishing of the Squee

Thanks to the latest Spiral Knights patch, this is what the Spiral Knights Crusaders have been up to for the evening:

“Oh well, I’m logging off. It’s not like I need to be on
for the support request to not be answered.”

In this screenshot, we’re in the 80th minute of waiting for a response (other than “we got your request”) to Sparkywolf’s in-game query as to why her 12,000 crowns disappeared after being outbid in the Auction House.

We’re pissed off.

Hell, I’m pissed off, and I’m one of the most forgiving people around.

We’re also not happy about the increase in energy spent crafting; as Sparkywolf pointed out, that means a single 5* piece of equipment costs $4 of real-world money just to craft, not even pre-made or with a guaranteed unique variant on it.

Oh, and forget about buying it from someone else. I was all excited about getting into the crafting part of Spiral Knights, because it sounded just like Pirates, but guess what? You can’t sell 4* or 5* gear anymore.

And then the final straw came when the moderators started locking petition threads.

I’ll wait to see how tomorrow turns out before I unleash any of my own invective over this, but this update did not go well. To be honest, I could have dealt with any of the update except for the part that going to chase my friends away, the increased cost of crafting. They’re the reason I play the game.

This is not the post I wanted to write tonight.

8 thoughts on “Spiral Knights: The Squishing of the Squee

  1. Sadly, I am too poor as an overworked, underpaid support rep to pay $20 in CE per 5* outfit plus my time. I just cannot justify paying $20 for my character to move forward in a game or look good or even to try out a new armor/weapon combo set. I am afraid now to try new things with this new change because it’s so much money out of my budget. I know it’s sad that I’m that poor, but that’s life right now. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.

  2. Back to mist energy it is, if they wanted me to stop buying CE then mission accomplished. zZz indeed.

  3. Yeah, making so bound items stay bound even when upgraded was a really bad idea, imho. Well, we’ll see what happens in the next week or so, 3R is sure to be tracking the rage and economy ingame to see what happens because of this.

  4. It’s unfortunate what the update has done to the game and community. Hopefully they read the feedback thread and realize what they’ve done. I’ve spent a decent about on CE and don’t want that to go to waste.

  5. You probably found this out already, but when you’re outbid at the AH, you need to “accept” the notification mail to get your crowns back. :[ (I think that’s what you’re talking about, right?) The system should put the crowns back in your pocket then moment you’re outbid.

    I deleted a couple such mails last night as well… but more fortunately than you, I lost only a few hundred cr (UV Haze Bombs).

    • It shouldn’t be possible to delete mail with items/money still attached. That seems like a bad oversight imo.

      • No, it shouldn’t be. Or at least, the game should popup something saying “You know, you have [crowns/item/thingie] in this mail?” or just Auto-Accept on delete. Or, better yet! Don’t send things through the mail at all! Just notify and stick the stuff directly into the inventory.

        Bad all around. However, the comment from Aphrodite says they are “communicating with the developers about how to remedy the situation”. So theoretically there will be a fix for this at least.


        Never mind that. There is no fix. If you deleted the email and did not get a confirmation, they will not assist you because you should have gotten a confirmation.

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