I’ve not been terribly satisfied with Nick’s response to half the criticism, which addressed bound items and did start one-off remediation for players who intended to give now-bound items away. Somewhat good, except the higher energy costs are clearly here to stay (and weren’t explained).

Highlight dissent: vitek, McFrugal, Churgethoth

Sirrocco interprets Nick’s post the best way possible, but still has questions about the crafting price hike.

Incidentally, apparently the game’s lag gremlins don’t like the patch either and are attacking it with full “graaaaah!”. If you’ve been sliding around weirdly in the dungeons, you aren’t alone. I actually played a few levels on the night of the patch, and slid around at the worst possible moments while the lag meter was at three bars for me. ((More bars is good, for the Spiral Knights lag meter.))

I did not spend time on Spiral Knights tonight. I spent some time locked out of my car, which sucked but gave me some perspective, i.e., after the locksmith’s bill I’m probably not going to be giving Spiral Knights any more of my money.

And then I taught 7 Wonders over BrettSpielWelt to the other Spiral Knights Crusaders. I forgot how decent I am at that kind of thing. Mumble helped immensely in that endeavor as well, so it really can be used for more than just Spiral Knights. (Of course it can, I just forget, not having gamed online much.)