Coping with June: A Wishlist

June’s got a lot of bad memories for me. ((I’m being pro-active about it. First thing implemented was a GMail filter.)) So I thought I’d construct a wishlist of random items for it. Just… I don’t know. Thinking about shopping is nice, and I might even buy a few items to keep my spirits up.


Queen Mary

Pina Colada Rooibos (new)
Vanilla Honeybush (best fuel for vanilla-based tisane teas I’ve found)
Earl Grey Rooibos

Mighty Leaf

Citron Green (new)
Organic Earl Grey
Coco Chai

Perennial Tea Room

Vanilla Cream Tea (new; I think combining this with Mighty Leaf’s Earl Grey will result in a very nice London Fog style blend)
Autumn Pear
Fresh Strawberry (instead of Strawberry Pepper)
Orange Spice (instead of all the other Orange Spices)
Ginger Lemon (instead of Ginger Twist)
Coconut Pouchong


Starcraft Boardgame (or… I could just play Nexus Ops, which seems to scratch many of the same itches, apart from not being in spaaaaace)
The Hunt for Golem (I love the Lord of the Rings LCG from Fantasy Flight Games. Love, love.)