Once upon a time I wrote a story and a partial serial about a down-on-his-luck cello player with a habit of swearing quite a bit, and unwilling partner to an egotistical violinist with a Sherlock Holmes… fetish, I think it is. They even did a review together. I’m too embarrassed honestly by it all.

I’ve never stopped trying to make it better, and failing quite a lot. It’s the story of my writing life, and why I’ll never make it as a fiction writer. My non-fiction tends to be much better anyways, and I even rely on what I learned about story structure in some of it.

Anyways: Octavia from “The Best Night Ever” being badass. Cellos are badass. They are Khorovod-levels of badassness.

2 thoughts on “My Little Pony: CELLO, EVERYPONY, CELLO

  1. oh my god yes, cellos are totally the khorovod of stringed instruments. well maybe the kamarin, since size-wise there’s the bass, after all…

    anyway, on the subject of cellos, sort of, i give you rob paravonian:

    and also, the badassest of cello players, unwoman. her original music is pretty wonderful and if i had money i’d totally own all her albums and miscellany, but her covers are pretty fun too:

    • Oh my goodness, Rob’s rant on Pachelbel’s Canon is awesome!

      I’ll have to look into unwoman’s works. :D

      Thank you for the links!

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