Diggity Tea: Sir Robert’s Island Blend

Maker: Sir Robert’s Tea
Type: flavored black tea
Brew: 1 tsp / cup, boiling, 3 min

Some tropical fruit tea blends are stronger than others; this one is much more moderate, partly because the fine black tea overlays the fruits. This blend actually contains a non-tropical fruit, apples, which means this tea doesn’t taste too exotic. This may be a bonus for some, and does lend an individual air to the taste so kudos to Sir Roberts.

Still, I prefer my tropical teas to be straight-up tropical fruits. My preference when it comes to tropical fruit teas still lies with Mighty Leaf’s Green Tea Tropical, even though it’s not a black tea.

Rating: 3/5—a unique blend of the exotic (to the northern hemisphere) with the familiar is still a bit too familiar for me.