Diggity Tea: Things I Do Not Need

1. A hole in the head

2. PTSD or bipolar I (I’m flexible, please take at least one of them away)

3. More tea tins. Ever.

The little white labels are where I’ve updated the contents of the tin to something I like better. Also, about tea tins:

Kusmi: Your teas are awesome beyond belief, your big squat round tins look the sweetest around, but they suck at keeping tea fresh. Your boxes are even worse.

Harney & Sons presents respectable, easily stored and viewed rectangular tea tins in big and small sizes. They look nondescript but manage to keep my tea fresh, even the rooibos. If more of my teas arrived so well packed I would be happier.

Steven Smith teas can come in sachets in singly wrapped foil bags, so it doesn’t quite matter how well the box closes, but I will say that for the open sachets for Churchmouse Summer and Churchmouse Winter, the mini file boxes do surprisingly well.

Rishi and Tao of Tea have the best seal after the purple Japanese round tea boxen I have: both an inner and outer lid.

Mighty Leaf has the round purple Japanese tea boxen, but also has silver and black “Thou Shalt Have No Other Tea Before Me” gigantic tins.

Ah, Republic of Tea, your non-herbal teas often disappoint me. Your tins look pretty but they’re only slightly better than Kusmi tins at keeping things fresh; somehow that lid doesn’t seal as tightly as it should, even though the fit feels snug.