Spiral Knights: Yes, That’s a Khorovod Charged Attack

There’s some speculation that this is the 5-star Khorovod (not yet released).

As the Khorovod sword family is one of my favorites (currently in competition with a full set of the elemental Brandish lines), I want to step in and say: yes, this is a Khorovod-style strike. The arc as the charged attack hits is the same, the rocks that pop up behind and around the player are the same. The lightning that descends from the sky, though, that’s rather new.

I’m contemplating rejoining Spiral Knights. I’ve been away for a while, so the levels should be novel to me again (even the repetitive clockworks levels, the variety of which should have been helped out by the current “there shalt not be two strata that are the same next to each other” enforced edict from the devs). Plus, now that I’m alone in all my guild who’ll play the game anymore, having a T1 boss I can beat up for tokens to get a sharp-sharp stick, bomb, and shield sounds enticing.

The problem is, I’d be all alone.

And I can’t craft higher-level items for other people anymore, something I had actually started to enjoy doing. While an unbind shop is coming, it sounds a bit prohibitively expensive, even if you’re fairly self-sustaining on crowns-to-energy. We’ll see.

20 thoughts on “Spiral Knights: Yes, That’s a Khorovod Charged Attack

  1. holy shit. do want.

    i guess i should try to do something about my laptop overheating every so often first. “icepack underneath” only seems to do so much.

    if not for that and the fact that i lag to the point of uselessness when in groups i’d offer to join you in the hunt for snarb tokens. :(

  2. It looks pretty cool, and I do like lightening based abilities. Though I am a bit ambivalent towards the idea of a potentially elemental based Khorovod type sword. What I’ve always liked about the line is that it is heavy normal damage. No reduced damage v certain groups, just steady and stable damage output. Of course given that the Khorovod already shows maxed out normal damage (which doesn’t really mean that it couldn’t be higher) there wasn’t a lot of way to differentiate it from a higher tier version without adding a new damage type. Maybe 2 normal damage bars? Thus far though, I’ve not felt really compelled to move to tier 5, with the exception of the Ash of Agni (want), so maybe I’ll sit on it for a while when it comes out.
    Also, since this is my first actual response here, let me say you have a pretty cool little site going here. I’ve been reading it since the game came out in April (when I started playing). Hope you keep playing to some extent. We all need a breather for a few weeks, a month, or whatever, but it makes the game a little more interesting when you pick it up again. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Stone tortoise, I know that you can get it from a Tetrodrone.. but I never see them anywhere…

    • During the Preview, I was lucky enough to get a Stone Tortoise as a drop from a Tortodrone, but when the game went live, the Tortodrone didn’t go with it. I wish I knew why, its room is woefully empty with just a few spawning wolvers and lumbers now.

      • I believe someone in the forum had a small service for the Tortodrome in Jade Tangle Valley. He and his rare drop will be missed.

  4. That sword has been referred to as ‘Shatter’ ever since beta. Players have known about it since beta. It’s always just been in there, and was just never released, even though it was ready for a long, long time. GMs and Devs have been using it for a long time, too. Leave it to them to keep the interesting content out of the players’ hands.

    Anyway, Jericho, I’d like to extend an invitation to Guild for you. You seem smart enough, and it always sucks playing alone. I’ll admit, I still play every now and then.

    But this new boss that just recently came out (after the first two emergency patches they had to, surprise surprise, fix him) is not even really a fight, it’s really more of a period of waiting until the right moment, so don’t expect positive reactions if you ask to go there.

    • Magnus, I’m quite honored to see you comment. I must humbly turn down your invitation to Guild, as I’m very loyal to the Silver Wolves, even if they’re absent for the time being, and maybe even foreseeable future. Not the most practical stance, but it’s simply my nature to be loyal before reason. Thank you very much regardless for the invite.

      For those who are wondering about the boss that Magnus is talking about, here is the relevant thread.

  5. Well, feel free to add me to your friends list, I’m always up for grouping when I’m ingame. My Knight’s name is ‘Eruzei’. =)

  6. Oh man, that picture looks amazing. I know now that, with the pvp update, there is actually a 5* of the khorovod, but I forget its name, and I have not found one.

    With this update, and the one before, I have notice that Spiral Knights seems to be stabilizing, a little at the least. :)

    Anyways, I hope to see more things from you as you are very interesting to listen too.

    • The 5* upgrade of Khorovod is Sudaruska, which is keeping in the theme of slavic dances. That’s pretty neat, and since I keep seeing “Sudarushka” in combination with “horovod” on YouTube (horovod Sudarushka), this must have been under the wraps for quite some time.

      • The wiki says there is now an entire second upgrade branch to the Troika line, in fact!

        I didn’t care about PvP before, but now I gotta do it for those recipes. xD

          • Ah, so that is the name. I am still working on permanantly storing that word in my brain. :)

            The new troika line thingy does look very interesting with the ability to freeze, and with the hilarious descriptions (which make the swords 100 times better, if that is possible).

            Anyways, I will have to look up what the “horovod” and “sudarushka” actually are. :D

  7. If you haven’t already noticed, that new Troika line doesn’t lead to Shatter. Worse news, the new line is garbage.

    It has a chance to inflict freeze. More clearly, it has a chance to not inflict knockback. You have a chance to not use the saving feature of a heavy sword and leave yourself wide open to a counter attack. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Btw, add me on SK.

  8. Whoa! Glad you returned! T^T
    I really missed the guerrila warfare tactics we developed together, and I wanted to play along with you so much again. =D

    • I haven’t returned to the world of SK yet. ‘^.^ It’s been so long… anyways, you were much better about the tactics than I, I was still in “RUSH IN AND KEEL WITH TROIKA oop I’m dead” mode back then. :D

  9. so to upgrade your troika do you have to have made the troika from a recipe because i bought mine from the aution house?or do you have to buy the karamen recipe?

    your right it is addicting

  10. oh!and i hope that we will meet sometime in the town square so i could add you as my friend or join your guild(if you are the leader)And i find your blog very cool i have read almost the hole thing.hope you reply too both of my questions!
    p.s.my name is knikaknight in the game.

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