Wrath of Ashardalon: Randomly Generated Teams

The random D&D team generator has been slightly busy today.

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Wizard Double-Team

It won’t be surprisingly to people, but a team comprising of two squishy wizards doesn’t get very far in the dungeons, even with five surges. The usual impressive spells (such as the emblematic Magic Missile and Invisibility) are coupled with very weak AC and low HP. Random encounter cards can really take them out.

Fey Step
Spectral Ram
Magic Missile

Hurled Breath
Flaming Sphere
Scorching Burst
Ray of Frost

After the failure of the wizards, I decided to add an option to include at least one tank (Fighter or Paladin class hero).

Fighter and Rogue

Everything is better with a Fighter. At least until I’ve gotten more experience with playing a Rogue (or Wizards, for that matter).

Reaping Strike
Dragon’s Breath
Into the Fray
One for the Team

Distracting Jab
Snipe Shot
King’s Castle
Furious Assault
Spring Away

Paladin and Cleric

This combination worked out, in some ways, even better than Vistra and Quinn. Healing went both ways, and that meant only one healing surge was used (and that could have been prevented).

Divine Challenge
Valiant Stroke
Arcing Smite
Lay on Hands
Noble Shield

Healing Strike
Sacred Flame
Hallowed Advance
Healing Hymn