Wrath of Ashardalon: A Sneaky Endeavor

Amazingly won Adventure 9 with a randomly selected team:

Trapping Strike
Dwarven Resilience
Taunting Advance
One for the Team

I always forget to pick up an extra Daily Power when characters level. I should remember that next time, it might mean winning a few more games.

Careful Attack
Twin Shot
Attacks on the Run
Unbalancing Parry

Careful Attack is a guaranteed one damage; when paired up with the Gauntlets of Ogre Strength, it means that Allisa can deal 2 guaranteed points of damage per turn. Unfortunately this isn’t useful when Allisa is dead.

The tile stack was, um, stacked against Vistra and Allisa:

This time I actually disposed of both of my home rules, because the adventure didn’t fit either of them. I guess I’ve gotten good enough at the game to not need the house rules anymore.

As a result, the dungeon sprawled for quite some time before the Horrid Chamber opened. (That’s Vistra and Allisa riding on a flying carpet!)

The Rage Drake is a bit of a problem. The gigantic dragon Ashardalon is much more so.

Vistra made it out just barely in time with the treasure. Only one HP was left between the two of them (and if Vistra’s turn had finished, the losing condition would have triggered on Allisa’s turn, when one hero is at 0HP with no healing surge at the beginning of their turn).