PB&J Update #10

I’m going to be glad (more or less) to get back to work on Monday. The lack of routine is really bothering me now, although I’m not suffering as much about the lack-of-people contact because of good friends who will listen to me blather over twitter, IM, my blog, etc. ^.^

Today I’m just going to take it easy. No guilt (more or less), just reading and pottering about the house cooking (minor) stuff. Maybe I’ll even make some GF bread, although I’m having trouble dealing with the kitchen again.

  • Cleaning something out. Nope. Been a bit freaked out, to be honest; I really need to whack that figment of my father in my head until it dies.

  • Cooking/baking/etc. something for myself. Not much, just enough to get on with things. I may make some more cheez recipes—Parmezano Sprinkles are a really awesome parmesan replacement.

  • Reading/watching something entertaining. Mythbusters, various stuff on my Pinboard. I haven’t yet decided on my book for #fridayreads.

  • Reading/watching/doing something educational. Not at all! Apart from writing up the review for Snuff, which wasn’t easy. Somehow reviewing Pratchett is never easy.