PB&J Update #11

I’ve been taking it easy, trying to take my mind off the wrongness of being off routine. I don’t know what waits for me there, but I’m going to try to stop worrying about it, because it doesn’t help.

Mostly what keeps me from worrying is doing things, although in this case I’m mostly trying to relax. It’s when I start to spin up the Project for Better AJ that my world starts to spiral out. I don’t know why. Probably because my mind has decided that since I’m on vacation, I better act like I’m on vacation, otherwise I’m off-routine for work, and… gah.

Anyways, I’m going to miss the time I had for writing and generally zoning out. But not that much, because my mind is driving me crazy. I guess I’m just a worker.

Things that haven’t been working out:

  • Cleaning something out. Having issues with this. Maybe today I’ll spend the time to clean out the trunk at least, but I get bad shakes when I even think about doing this. It’s so not what I would be doing if I were relaxing from work.

  • Cooking/baking/etc. something for myself. Just getting-by food. Started counting my calories again with an eye towards losing five pounds by the time the year ends. I’m going slow because in the past readjusting my diet too far tends to affect how well the medication works.

  • Reading/watching something entertaining. I’ve decided to start Simon Haynes’s Hal Spacejock because I need humor and it was only 99 cents in the Kindle store. The book can be thought of as a funnier (and also completely different) version of George R. R. Martin’s Tuf Voyaging, which cannot be had for love or money in the Kindle store, but may be had for lots of money as a paperback. I wonder how they would get along? Alas, we will never know. ((Except through fanfiction.))

  • Reading/watching/doing something educational. I’m going to try to start Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Death by Black Holes and Other Quandaries. I think I may skip through some of the earlier stuff, because I’m really tired of reading the history of science/physics through every single science book I pick up these days.

2 thoughts on “PB&J Update #11

  1. Taking it easy sounds like a fine idea. Rest from tension is important too, and if PB&J wasn’t working, there is no point in trying to force things.

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