svn commit #4

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Depressive cycle hit full stop. Yeah, it happens for no reason. Bipolar is fun like that.

Nightmares: No dreams at all. That was nice, although I kept thinking I hadn’t slept at all.

Work: Depressed.

Food: Depressed and oncall. I ate the last of the golden stir-fried rice. Have no idea what I’m going to do for lunch tomorrow.

Schedule: Depressed and oncall.

Books: Lust Lizard whatever.

Games: Legend of Drizzt arrived but I am ON CALL. And depressed as hell. However, I did sleeve all 200 cards (nothing but the finest clear Ultra-Pro). I’m excited to play it once I actually can—they packed in not 5 but 8 heroes!

Mythbusters: Yes!

Link of the Day: WTF, aka, “What’s This Food?”

2 thoughts on “svn commit #4

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing how it compares with WoA. :)

    Tomorrow’s Friday and you’ll have the whole weekend to putter about and play. You can do it.

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