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Another good day. It’s somewhat leavened by the fact that I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow; I want to rest and relax before all hell breaks loose. Of course, that is technically this week so….

Cooking: Another good day for cookery. I enjoyed yesterday’s pad thai for breakfast, yesterday’s yellow chicken curry for lunch, and a newly made golden fried rice for dinner. I’m thinking that tomorrow one part of the rice will become breakfast, and yellow curry with some rice (stored separately) will become lunch. Thank goodness for Lock&Lock containers. I really need some fruit, but aside from a lone banana, tomorrow’s going to be fruit-light—although I could always shop for more fruit near work.

Books: Didn’t read any books.

Cleaning: Did clean out the trunk as well as cooking. Oh frabjous day, for this coming weekend I can start donating junk in the living room to Good Will!

Gaming: Legend of Drizzt is quite enjoyable. If it weren’t so late right now I’d put in another game. As it is, I’ll be working late nights, so…

Damn it, I’m going to need to pack dinners as well. How I’ll be fitting in all the extra cooking is anybody’s guess. I may need to take a WFH day just to cook, cook, cook, which will help with working late since I won’t have gigantic commute times…