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This day. This day.

Work: All good went out of this day when I asked my boss about how the accommodations stuff was going. My condition has made things really, really difficult. Neither of us knows how this is going to end or how it’s going to continue or what comes next. Hopefully HR knows. You know all the dark thoughts running through my head about this.

All I can do is keep moving. Future is an open road, blah blah. No matter what happens with accommodations or my position with the company, I can’t let it bring me down.

On the upside, I bought an Ottlite Pod Lamp for work. The natural light really helped out this morning, when it seemed like Seattle had been draped in a soft gray cloth. I’m getting fond of the weather here, although admittedly I’m mostly fond of watching it from the inside.

Cooking: I brought breakfast and lunch to work, and that worked out well. Tonight… didn’t cook because of deflation from work. I made a ton of rice for stir-fry cooking on Wednesday evening, and some Durritas. ((DF cheez-flavored tortilla chips.)) So tomorrow’s the same menu as today: yummy golden stir-fried rice for breakfast, sunny yellow curry for lunch (with rice). And possibly Durritas, preferably a couple of bananas once they ripen enough.

Tuesday and Thursday are both oncall nights, so not very ideal for interactive cooking much, although maybe I could throw a rice cooker recipe together (like Pasta in a Rice Cooker). I’m gradually building up a store of food for lunches and breakfasts. It’s great, I think.

Books: Homelands is turning out to be heavy on the political intrigue, albeit of the cackling evil lulz kind. I must say, I had no idea how baby Drizzt was going to survive chapter 2. I’m looking forwards to chapter 3 tomorrow.

The Hobbit is stirring up fond memories for me. The Kindle edition is one of those that have page numbers, which is really neat. Although Mark brings up a good point: Tolkien is quite wordy. The first chapter is a long one, too. But then again, it reads like mythology to me, so I’m quite alright with it.

I actually got interested in Tolkien back in college when I read the comic book version. It’s beautifully illustrated, and the adaptation to sequential art is just about perfect. And then the movies came along and completed the journey.

Cow of the Day: Valencia, for staying with me through all the bad weather. She’s the only cow that can be rained on and stay more or less intact. I think she may even like the rain.

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