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WOOHOO oh gods i’m approaching manic phase

Work: Probably thanks to the onset of mild mania, I worked and worked and worked. I’m invincible to all ills work brings me, I get into the zone easily… I think… nothing bothers me. Not even a midnight page, followed by an 8:30am page. I don’t know what to call this… maybe this isn’t mild. But I feel bolstered. WOOHOO!

Cooking: Sucked. Didn’t cook at all, because I arrived home late due to working late despite a midnight page and all. I’m probably going to crash, but after the mania passes and… and… hey isn’t my current medication supposed to smooth that out? Argh. May have to up the dose? Gonna consult my candy man ((Psychiatrist.)) first before I make any moves on that front. Anyways. I WANT TO COOK ALL THE THINGS (good thing I’m exhausted right now).

Reading: Homeland is turning out to be pretty good. I think it may even develop themes and things like that. This is a story about dark elves, part of the Forgotten Realms franchise, and yet already we have serious political machinations on the part of the various family houses, and world-building as well. I like it. And I really want to play the game again. (I’ll probably write up a complete run-through with pictures next time.)

The Hobbit, well, I’m starting to see what Tolkien said about the narrator insertions being annoying. It is annoying and a bit condescending, a minor dent in an otherwise interesting and charming adventure tale. I’m actually enjoying Homeland more than this, which seems all kinds of wrong somehow.

Writing: I have an Asus Transformer. It’s got Android on it, and it’s quite responsive to the touch. And with the keyboard (which also acts as extra battery on something that already goes for one full day on light use, like typing up words for a blog post or story) I think it’s going to help me with NaNoWriMo, since I can use the daily commutes to write.

I’m going to do it. This is crazy. I also killed the idea about the high school of the gods; this is going to be a straight up science fiction romance amateur detective mystery. Well. Maybe not that straight up.