svn commit #9

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The job continues to suck.

Work: Thingy. Oncall. Whatever. Got some coding done, went to some informative presentations and fun interactive affairs on the side. Accommodations (and whether or not I get them) hang heavily over my head.

Cooking: Made a disaster in the rice cooker; should have gone with the pasta, instead attempted a beef broth rice stew vegetables thing. Did not work out in the slightest and made me ill to boot.

Books: I continue to read Homeland and The Hobbit chapter-by-chapter. I’m surprised that Homeland is actually a decent book; I mean, it’s a Forgotten Realms franchise tale. There’s an epic feel to it, and although it’s never going to be GRRM-good, it’s pretty interesting. And very readable in little chunks, which I’m sure is part of the design.

As for The Hobbit, it is quite fun to follow along with Mark Reads.

Sigh, oncall.

But hey, NaNoWriMo is around the corner! During a month when I’m oncall a lot! YAY.

I have got to start playing The Legend of Drizzt some more.

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    • More like cooking random things… like in the Harvest Moon games, working without a recipe when you only have 15 levels of cooking results in a lot of disasters.

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