Tired Thoughts on Starting Up Bento Again

I used to make bento like crazy, a comforting ritual that allowed me to avoid a lot of the food allergens out there. But how can I repeat that success? I must have been able to persist through busy mornings and busy weekdays.

My thoughts on the matter:

  • Meal planning is needed. I might resort to pen and paper for this.

  • More mise en place. I used to cut up apples and soak them in water touched with vitamin C powder to keep their color. Slice up strawberries and kiwi fruit into stars.

  • More slow cooker mass cookings. Things like glazed carrots, various meat dishes that can be poured over rice.

  • Applying a certain method to freezing mass-produced rice, wrapping warm rice in plastic wraps in 1/2 cups for lunches. In two minutes on high, they’re thawed enough to pack.

  • Ready-made snacks. Seeds and meringue cookies and safe gummy bears, for instance; cubed cheez and almond crackers.

  • Boil a lotta eggs. Eat them in a week, you should be fine.

  • Rice noodles. Dead easy to cook. Kettle with water, boil, and pour over noodles and leave for 5 minutes or so. Leftovers can be sealed in plastic boxes and fridge’d.

  • Any dishes that can go over rice (stir fries for instance, or sliced sausages, other dishes).

I’m gonna fall over to sleep now.

2 thoughts on “Tired Thoughts on Starting Up Bento Again

  1. All of these are good thoughts. Making lunch reliably is one of those chronic life challenges. Um. A re-spawning minor monster that you can get XP for every time you slay it?

    If you ever feel like sharing your rice-freezing method, I’d be interested.

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