Bento #1

Bento #1: Lunch

(We’re starting over at #1.)

Lunch: Most of an apple (Lady Alice), roasted cashews, sugar snap peas, and portabello-chicken sausage sliced on top of rice.

Breakfast, to enjoy on the ferry: Amazon Flakes (Envirokidz—it’s GF/DF/OF), raisins, slivered almonds; and all of an apple. Sweetened vanilla almond milk added to the bottle in the lower right.

Bento #1: Breakfast Bento #1: Packed

One bag with a jumble of containers is inconvenient, since I’ll want either the breakfast items, or the lunch items, but not both. (Heavens forfend I just want a snack.)

Lunch was mostly self-contained in a Laptop Lunch box, breakfast was not. I have a number of self-contained boxes as well, but cereal with milk is a tough one and tends to only be solved via Lock & Lock containers.