Bento #2

Bento #2: Lunch

Yesterday’s Lunch was not as successful as I hoped it would be.

  • The (half-of-an) apple/roasted cashew salad resulted in soaked cashews, which I guess is why salad toppings are often kept separate from salads themselves. Or perhaps that’s just how fruit salads are.

  • Chicken-portabello sausage was fine, of course. Aidell’s makes the best pre-cooked chicken sausages.

  • The doggie with the Maurice Sendak feet has raisins for eyes. Those were surprisingly fine.

  • Sugar snap peas were pretty fine. They seem nigh indestructible.

Breakfast was, again, Amazon Flakes, with slivered almonds (ran out of raisins or craisins), and half of an apple.

You’ll note also the picture where my first bento art did not survive the Laptop Lunch’s typical vertical transportation. Admittedly the vertical transportation saved most of the diet 7up from leaking all over, but not all of it. 4 oz of it spilled out. I’m disappointed in the Laptop Lunch bottles. In contrast, the Lock & Lock bottle did not leak in the slightest.

Note: traditional bento boxes typically don’t get vertically transported, but stay horizontal, so the art there is more likely to stay intact.

Bento #2: Breakfast Bento #2: You know what isn't leakproof? Bento art that almost survived transport.