46 thoughts on “Movie Marathon Weekend: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

  1. I’m starting to see where the movie’s reputation for “if you didn’t read book 7, you’re going to be confused as heck” comes from.

    Ah, Alan Rickman.

  2. It’s over, and we’re in Harry’s memories. And he sees the eye of Dumbledore in the fragment of mirror that was given to him by his dead godfather. And wow, the house is empty. Even the cupboard under the stairs.

  3. I’m not sure the movie makes it all that clear why Voldemort died after that one hit, but then again, after clearing the horcruxes from the level I suppose one does end up with a glass-jawed boss.

  4. I think the 19 years later segment worked. It certainly brought back the nostalgia of the early works in the series. Magic school and all; the musical score helped too, of course.

    Onto the deleted scenes!

  5. The deleted scenes: all explanatory scenes that should have been in the movie for a smoother experience. I kept up but only due to book 7 knowledge. The mirror, for instance.

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