Movie Marathon Weekend: Men in Black

Things AJ knows about Men in Black going in:

  • Will Smith is in it.

  • There are aliens, and some kind of Masquerade.

  • There are government agents (the Men in Black).

Updates are in the comments.

38 thoughts on “Movie Marathon Weekend: Men in Black

  1. And now a fireball has hit a pickup truck. Of an abusive fucker, at that. and omg the fucker is dead. And now he’s alive. kind of.

    This is a horror movie.

    “I’ve never seen sugar do that.”

  2. Well… the wife is still alive… I hope she has a good happy life of freedom and away from this monster rolling the wheel out of the pit.

    Oh Will Smith, you’re so honest. Innocently honest. And yet very Will Smith.

    Argh, it’s Kay with the memory stick.

  3. I like how the sitting montage as time passes really shows us that the protagonist doesn’t have much of a life to eliminate (no kids, no significant others, etc).

  4. “Don’t ever touch the red button” = we will need to touch it before the movie ends!

    Oh, and the guy with a cat is an alien. Alien royalty. Ok, this is awesome. I still hope nothing bad happens to him.

  5. Apparently the wife is living free.

    I’m with you, Will Smith. Better story was needed.

    “You kicked him out. And now that he’s gone…” I *like* Will Smith. J.

  6. Took a while to shoot that gun, Kay. Also, this movie reminds me of Ghostbusters in a couple of ways, not the least is the goop all over people.


    Ah, now he is. Yay morgue doctor woman!

  7. Kay’s story arc… I didn’t really feel it. I know he’ll have someone at the end of this, but … it’s ending too soon. But I guess that’s better than ending way too late.

    I guess you don’t have to flashy-thing those people in the tunnel.

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