Bentos #7 and #8

Bento #7 Bento #8

One of these bentos was more enjoyable than the other. Yes, the one with little chocolate meringue cookies, as opposed to the pale yellow substance and almond crackers. I just have to admit that recipe for fake mozz in The Ultimate Uncheez Cookbook is a dud no matter how I slice it.

I really need to make up for it by making that awesome colby cheez or something. And make some whipped topping to put strawberries in.

Another fun thing: my order for Laptop Lunch’s new dual-compartment bag came in. I think I’m going to enjoy it, as it’s capable of swallowing the following combinations:

  • TWO laptop lunch boxes with enough room up top for a soda bottle lying on its side, and room all around for ice packs. (!)

  • One laptop lunch box, a couple of snack bentos or Lock & Lock boxes plus a soda bottle on its side.

Man, I love Laptop Lunch boxes.