And the Demons Arrived with Tea

I seem to be moving on from processing terrifying memories to incredibly sad ones. During the years of Zorn and Tharn, when I was on the run from my parents, part of me was quite lonely and sad. I triggered early last week, and cried my eyes out for two days. The waterworks just kept coming.

I didn’t notice at the time, survival being topmost in my mind. And now I’m processing those memories, for better or worse. Probably for better.

Does this mean I’m finished processing the terror? Well, probably not, but possibly I’m closer to finishing, which will be a relief.

(Finally, a short non-bento blog post!)

4 thoughts on “And the Demons Arrived with Tea

  1. Hope someone is helping you with the processing – you shouldn’t do it all alone. Your bartender, maybe? Take care.

  2. From what extremely little I understand of neuroscience, memories are stored redundantly all through the brain? Kind of like how music is stored on a CD: it’s not all in one place, so one scratch doesn’t render the CD useless.

    The application to memory-recall is that many things through life will trigger pockets of these memories, and each pocket has to be processed in turn. But as each pocket is processed, it stops being a chronic source of tension and unhappiness. So you’re unlikely to be done-forever with terror, but you are getting a break from it, and each batch of memories processed should leave you better off than you were before.

    I hope that’s comforting.

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