Bentos #9 and #10

Bento #9 - Lunch Bento #9 - Snacks

Laptop Lunch Bag (closed)

Bento #10 - Lunch Bento #10 - Snacks

I’ve been using the newest Laptop Lunch bag, which keeps the lunch box nice and flat, instead of on its side and thus jumbling stuff. This isn’t a problem usually, save with bento art. The top part is nice and roomy, and fits a soda drink and some Lock & Lock partitioned containers of mine.

3 thoughts on “Bentos #9 and #10

  1. Hey, thanks for the clear pictures on exactly how much stuff will fit in that bag–I have been looking at Laptop Lunches off and on for the last couple of years and my biggest complaint has been that they didn’t have a bag that had room for Other Stuff. Hurray!

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