Clarion Write-a-Thon 2012: T-7

Edit: Apparently it all starts on the 24th of June, not the 17th. So… I guess it’s just time for me to prep and warm up by outlining scenes and whatnot so I can blaze trails! Or get lost when I wander off the route.

My Clarion Write-a-Thon profile is here.

Basically my goal is to write scenes out of the timeline of my little project, Seal Tales, and see where it all goes. I might even have a number of cohesive narratives by the end of this; I dunno right now.

I plan to post about my progress every day, as a little bit of encouragement to myself. I wish it was Day 1 already.

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Project Excerpts:

You can read a completed flash, “Christmas in a Strange Place”.

From a pretty much finished scene called “The Seal Maiden”:

The Seal Maiden did not consider himself a woman.

He still had the look of one; unkempt black hair flowed down his back, framed his brown face. The blue tattoos of maidenhood dotted his forehead and traced chin to neck in delicate lines. Though his husband, the Master of Storms, often commented on his wife’s beauty, every compliment splintered against the Seal Maiden’s soul like the shards of an ice storm, even in the generous warmth of the Land of Birds, where winter is unknown.