Clarion Write-a-Thon: T-4

We’re getting closer. Closer and closer. I must prepare. Well, I must sleep first off, but I just want to write a little something before I fall asleep.

First of all, I’ve been inducted into Team China Mountain Zhang, a small group of writers to provide each other support during the journey of challenging craziness.

Now I need to read China Mountain Zhang; it’s won the Tiptree Award and a whole bunch of others. I plan to do a chapter-by-chapter read once I get it—it’s not available for Kindle, and so I’ve ordered a paperback copy.

I’m so excited. I’m currently compiling a list of scenes to fulfill the final list of scenes to write (subject to change as things change out from under me). There’s also a few I’ve finished drafts of ahead of time.


  1. Christmas in a Strange Place [final and public]

Needs Final Comb Before Beta Readers

  1. The Seal Maiden


  1. But How Would They Live?

Write-a-Thon scenes: Ideas or Back to the Drawing Board

  1. Finger Bones
  2. The Wise Ones
  3. Picnic on Hidden Sun Bay
  4. Meeting the Terrible Woman Down There
  5. The First Cold
  6. The Man in the Moon
  7. Of Families and Colonies
  8. The Judgement of Owls

I’m gonna need 13 more scenes. Perhaps I’ll come up with them ahead of time, perhaps not.