Commit log #9

Three good things:

1. I got to socialize with other engineers. I’m going to get to review designs over the next few days.

2. I figured out how to walk back to my car from said social function. This is important, because my gaming group is going to move its base of operations to the same place.

3. I did not in fact post in an utter rage over some horseshit that a former favorite author of mine has been generating. Instead, I did something quiet and positive.

A thing I like about myself: can’t think of anything right now other than “ownership” and “learns quickly”. I note that these are very work-orientated so far, which isn’t really surprising but is also kind of depressing: I take ownership of technical matters, for instance. Why am I not taking ownership of matters non-technical? Or “learns technical knowledge quickly”; why don’t I apply that quick knowledge-gain to, say, social situations?

I have some theories, one of which is that I show ownership and learn quickly in areas that my parents did not control. The technical sphere was free of their influence, after all. Everything else they either controlled or wanted to believe they controlled. So long as they controlled it, they preferred to see me act a dunce in those areas. So I was, until the act became the person.

I need to stop coming down so hard on myself or else I’ll discourage myself into non-changing-ness. :-/