Commit log #10

10! A third of the way to forming a habit!

Three good things:

1. I was given Flying Apron vegan gluten-free dark-as-sin chocolate cupcakes for my belated birthday celebration at work. They are delicious. I still have two left, and they go really, really well with Mighty Leaf’s Vanilla Bean tea.

2. I now have a fair number of foreign fruit trees in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Mostly pears, but there are a few orange trees, and one surviving peach tree. This improves profits from 100 bells per fruit to 500.

3. SUNNY. Walks.

A thing I like about myself: um. I can analyze stuff I read or watch? Sometimes?

Life thingies:

I have been getting better (somewhat) at applying logic to situations before leaping straightforward into them. I really wish other people were too, given the hell online this week has turned into.

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