Commit log #14

Three good things:

1. Played through a game of Dungeon Command, and it turned out to be quite a lot of fun, so it’s not a sunk investment. I suggest not getting the games just for the D&D Adventure Game Series plug-ins, but to get it if you also would enjoy the game packed inside. Thinking about doing a pictorial Let’s Play. Do I enjoy this more than Summoner Wars? I like them about the same, except that Summoner Wars is a heckofalot cheaper, compact, and offers the same depth of game play. At the moment it’s even deeper, because of the sheer amount and variety of armies for Summoner Wars.

2. Read “Fade to White”, another Valente storytelling adventure. At first I wasn’t quite sure I would like it, but I was drawn in by the very unusual story structuring. I ended up like it a lot. Hopefully I’ll remember it when Hugo noms roll around for 2013.

3. Bulgogi and chocolate-vanilla dairy-free ice cream (not at the same time). I really need to start making that dish for myself; it’s not like stir-fry sliced beef isn’t freely available.

Things I like about myself/life thingies: I have been thinking about this for over an hour. Every good thing about myself I can think of a counter-example, or something I’ve done in relation that totally negates any good I’d done. It’s no small wonder I hate myself; I try to put myself on a perfect pedestal and thus knock myself off it every time. I wouldn’t judge another person as harshly as I do myself. What makes me different?

I suspect it goes back to what my father expected of me: perfection. Perfect behavior (or at least, what he defined as perfect behavior, which changed frequently) or else the bad things happened.

Other things of note: the aftershocks of the nightmare a couple days ago have not yet stopped. This makes things like wanting to sleep a bit hard. But I have to, because work is the best salve for me in such situations, crazy as that sounds. I remember other nightmare times, there were aftershocks too. They died down after a while, and I believe they’ll die down far faster now that I’m on a more even keel, thanks to effective medication.