Commit log #17

Three good things:

1. Visited my old team’s new workplace for Friday game night, then walked all the way back to work’s main campus. It’s a good walk, and I was pleased that at the end of it I wasn’t tired. I definitely earned my play coins on my Nintendo DS. I kind of want a Striiv now. It’s strange; these days I would rather be outside walking than inside doing computery things. I remember times past when I would barely leave the house!

2. ‘Twas Friday.

3. Finished up Apex Magazine Issue 39, and discovered that short fiction has a place for me in the commute and other times when I can’t get involved in a novel. If I read more when I had my eInk Kindles, I read even more now that I have a device that can digest ePub alongside the Kindle Mobipocket format.

A thing I like about myself: nowadays I like walking and light physical activity outdoors. It’s not for everybody, but it makes me feel better.

Life thingies:

  • I must stop being negative about myself.
  • I must think things through logically before making a decision.
  • Lists do not have to come in threes.

2 thoughts on “Commit log #17

  1. Lists don’t need three elements.

    However, might you “start thinking about yourself positively” :,)

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