Commit log #24

Three good things:

1. At work, got to experience the wonder of a Ruby gem called rest-client. It’s quite easy to use, in particular for multi-part file submissions, which are quite difficult to do with the native Net::HTTP module.

2. Edamame are delicious, and healthy!

3. Enjoying The Apocalypse Codex, despite its decided darkness compared to the rest of the series.

Thing I like about myself: buh.

Life thingies:

I’m finally starting to realize that mania isn’t so great and isn’t a normal mode of operation for me. This is brought on by the fact that I was manic today, and it was extremely unsettling, even though the symptoms are milder than previously, thanks to little green pills.

Of course, currently I’m so manic that I’m having trouble calming down enough and concentrating to write this blog entry. Argh, mania. Just as bad as depression. :(

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