Commit log #23

Matthew, or the Cownt of Sofa Three good things!

1. Matthew, the Cownt of Sofa. I have no dedicated sofa cow, and Matthew is pleasantly stuffed. Why Matthew? Because I’m currently addicted to Downton Abbey and Matthew is the first blond cow. I must thank my friends, the Rozentales, for Mathew as my unbirthday present. ^.^

2. More or less enjoying Stross’s The Apocalypse Codex. At least it’s good to read about Bob Howard again. I’m on 53 books read out of 100 for the year!

3. These Mini-Minit tea filters (also from my friends) are so far quite nice. I can pour the tea down through the filter, and instantly it steeps out quite well. And apparently unlike the Finum versions these don’t buckle up and spill tea all over. I’m currently using rooibos, and you can imagine the spillage potential of those little bits there.

4. Just about reached 7 cups of tea today, little 6oz cups, but that’s still 42oz of tea. I felt a little funny going home; I think I’ll lay off too much black tea. Today’s teas:

  1. Simpson & Vail’s Almond Sugar Cookie (black)
  2. Mighty Leaf’s Vanilla Bean (black)
  3. Mighty Leaf’s Orange Dulce (black)
  4. Tao of Tea’s Mandarin Orange (green)
  5. Churchmouse Vanilla Rooibos (red rooibos)
  6. Simpson & Vail’s Coconut Macaroon (green rooibos)
  7. Simpson & Vail’s French Vanilla Rooibos (red rooibos)

Thing I like about myself: TEA dammit.

Life thingies: I will be more positive. Positive reinforcement, positive in how I phrase my goals—as ABE suggested. I need to enact a positive AJIP (AJ Improvement Program).