Commit log #27

Three good things! Argh, on a Monday.

1. TEA. I went through a spectacular bunch for the most part, almost reaching 7 cups.

– Mighty Leaf’s Vanilla Bean (black)
– Mighty Leaf’s Beatles’ Blend (black and green)
– Harney & Sons’ Chocolate Mint (black)
– Tao of Tea’s Mandarin Orange (green)
– Churchmouse Vanilla (Almond) Rooibos (red) (seems to vary in quality with each steep)
– Mighty Leaf’s Chocolate Mint Truffle (red)

I’m probably going to look into getting invested in David’s Tea next. Tomorrow’s going to feature Kusmi for sure, but I need to bring in more red teas for the afternoons. And maybe some herbals as well.

2. Chocolate chip home-made dairy-free ice cream. Enough said.

3. Finishing off the Extra Credits archives. The discussions about narrative, particularly the Hero’s Journey, have made me thoughtful about Seal Tales again. And then I get locked up on how to approach the damn thing once more. Argh. Though sometimes one can just use a rest from a particular story/characters/topic.

4. Extra credit! I’ve written 2021 words tonight on something I was stuck on!

Thing I like about myself: I’ve managed 27 commit logs so far. Only 33 more before it truly becomes a habit!

Life thingies: I really need to get out of the business of flame war voyeurism. There are so many better ways to spend one’s time. Stuff is settling down at the job. In a couple of days I see my bartender again.

2 thoughts on “Commit log #27

  1. I understand why being a spectator at the flamewar is enticing: dramatic swings of emotion! intermittent excellence in using English to wound! and most importantly, not your issue. (Well, at least the ones I read about are.)

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