Commit log #37

Day 241: Red

Short, since it’s rather late.

Three good things!

1. Received the Best of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars CD, so now I have music to take with me! Just remembering the songs inspires me (just like the music from the 11th Doctor Who inspired me some time before, during a particularly difficult time). I’m very happy about this.

2. TEA.

Kusmi’s Prince Vladmir (2 cups)
Harney & Sons’ Dragon Pearl Jasmine (1 cup)
Tao of Tea’s Mandarin Orange (1 cup)
Simpson & Vail’s Red Velvet Cupcake Rooibos (1 cup)

I made it through 5 cups thusly. Still aiming for 7, breaking up the work day with a nice routine.

3. Many internet review videos to watch.

SF Debris re-reviews Voyager’s “The 37’s”
Confused Matthew mini-reviews Star Trek VI and Star Trek (2009)
Nostalgia Chick critiques Charlie’s Angels (the movie)
MikeJ is disappointed in Indiana Jones 4
Linkara reviews a crappy Elseworlds comic and also turns evil

sleep naow.