Commit log #36

Three good things!

1. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars is really rocketing along in the final episodes. And really wresting my feels from my heart. So many feels. I’m hanging on until the final episode, but I don’t know what’s going to happen next. This entire season has been rather dark. And I love the Starlights, and their transformation sequences are AWESOME.

2. I sacrificed some sleep to revise 2000 words. That’s a total of 4000 towards a possibly 40,000 word goal, as I’m supporting Electric Velocipede‘s kickstarter at the level sufficient to get a line-by-line crit from John Klima. It’s certainly something of a kick in the pants to actually finish the first arc of Seal Tales at least.

3. Mur Lafferty’s I Should Be Writing‘s Fabulist Ramblings, a kind of mini-podcast. The week-daily connection is a wonderful feeling.

4. Extra credit: as a life-time subscriber, I receive early electronic copies of Lightspeed Magazine. September’s issue is in my hands, all ready to read in Mantano Reader on my wonderful Nexus 7.

Thing I like about myself: I am humble, unless I’m manic, in which case I think I’m QUEEN OF THE FUCKING WORLD AND INVINCIBLE AND ALL-WISE. Oy. >.< Oh bipolar.

Life thingies: I really need to remember my life lessons. The issue with the caramels is a small example; I know already that I should watch what I eat, and so it shouldn't have happened. I know that I need to improve on this, and so I shall.