Commit log #42

Pattern 42 - Towel Day!

So. Three good things. Sigh, this day sucked. I was falling apart emotionally for no reason in the middle of the day. >.<

1. It was sunny and pleasant. This made going to the dentist's a rather decent experience indeed.

2. No cavities at the dental exam, although my gums were so tender that they bled all over the place (and are still bleeding now). Looks like Prevident really works. No cavities is a wonderful think that hasn’t happened in ages.

3. I discovered that when I work from home, I do it best from bed. Cows, probably. If I make my office space warm and inviting, then I might produce the same effect of safety. Oy oy oy, houses are never finished. (I also write well in bed. I hear there was a famous writer who also couldn’t write well without being mostly horizontal.)

4. I cleared out a space on the living room floor (on a rug, no worries) that I feel comfortable playing games in. It’s strange how my brain has cordoned off these spaces. For instance, frolicking on the interwebs is best done from my sofa in the living room.

5. I got to go home early. Granted, it was so I could work from home on deployments that needed to occur in the evening. But going home early, having a quiet time by myself… that made all the difference to hanging on with the rest of the day. I might need to do this more often (I don’t find it a problem to work in the evening or on weekends, strangely enough).

6. Sailor Moon!

Thing I like about myself: I risk repeating myself, but damn I’m tenacious sometimes. I need to be less afraid and more trusting in my skills and ingenuity, but I am still tenacious (at times).

Tomorrow’s another day. Maybe I’ll work out the last of a serious bug even. I’m scared of explaining it to my boss, apart from “it’s done when it’s done”. It’s frustrating that I seem to only advance after resting my brain from thinking about the bug, not by bashing it through the wall constantly. I guess the gals in the basement work the overtime.

I have no brains left over for problem-solving in writing. -.-