Commit log #43

Tea intricacy

Three good things out of a bleagh kind of day.

1. Solved some frustrating SSL and LDAP problems. Ready to move onto the next part of a project. Pleased with myself for this thing at least, even if I did screw up a deployment yesterday…

2. TEA. Specifically, a shipment from Harney & Sons. The joyful teas:

  • Strawberry-Kiwi Fruit Tea
  • Mango Fruit Tea
  • Chocolate Mint (a refill of an old friend)
  • Caribe(an interesting strawberry/guava/coconut green/black tea blend)
  • SOHO(coconut and chocolate)
  • Dragon Pearl Jasmine, another old friend
  • Love Life(coconut, vanilla, strawberry, puffed rice)
  • African Autumn (oh, how I love thee)

3. Sailor Moon R is really heating up. I quite like it, and skipped a lot of monster-of-the-week episodes to get there.

4. A pack of Mum-Mums (strawberry-flavored) arrived. They soothe my stomach after my big dose of Lamictal. Ow, Lamictal hurts.

A thing I like about myself: I can be bubbly at times?