Commit log #45

Orange bougainvillea

Well, this really wasn’t a good day. But here are three good things anyways.

1. Played Dominion: Dark Ages, which is a very different twist on the original game. Part of the strategy involves trashing cards, and there are plenty of cards with “When you trash this card…” and yet are not self-trashable, thus you need to find ways to carry the trashing combos off. Not to mention there are Ruins cards that, like milder-mannered Curses, clutter up your deck. Play with the Marauder and soon you find yourself trying to fend off Ruins and trash them through any means possible, even if it means your deck gets infected with Rats. My gaming group enjoyed the two games we played of it, but they’re brain-burner games.

2. Friday and surprisingly pleasant weather for fall in Seattle.

3. Sailor Moon S: More excitement delivered sooner rather than later. There seem to be two climaxes in this season, rather than a build-up to just one, which is a pleasant change. The cast is rather large at this point, but I don’t mind; the more to fight evil, the better.

And another important one:

4. I have great friends and followers to get through the bad times.

Thing I like about myself: at this moment? Not very much. I like board games, but that’s about it.